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Unlock the digital marketing power of QR Codes!

At Property QR Codes we offer estate agents expert advice on maximising the marketing power of QR codes to simplify the property buying experience for potential new buyers.

Grow Your Customer Base

Maximise the convenience of mobile internet browsing will greatly increase your listing views. This in turn will covert into more potential property buyers.

Instantly Access Information

QR codes allow potential property buyers to easily access property details by simply scanning the code with their smartphone!

Grow your website and social media audience

Growing good and consistent traffic to your website and social media platforms is the SINGLE most important way of generating quality sales leads. Your can create a specific social media QR code to promote all your social media platforms in a single scan.

Build Buyer Trust

Using QR codes to share good quality images, videos and 3D visual tours of properties on the market, is a guaranteed way of gaining buyer credibility. Within seconds a potential buyer can access all the relevant property information on their smartphone!

Minimal Cost & Eco-Friendly

Printed property promotional material (brochures, pamphlets, flyers etc) are both costly and harmful to the environment. Also, without any form of traceability, estate agents cannot guage how effective they are. With QR code tracking, marketing effectiveness can be measured quickly and accurately.

Customer Feedback

QR codes are an ideal medium for increasing customer interaction, conducting email marketing, sending out questionnaires and much more!

Marketing Essential

Connect YOUR print media

  • Add QR codes to your newspaper adverts, billboards, company vehicles, brochures, flyers, office stationary and salesboards. 
  • Download brochures as PDF documents, multiple property images, estate agency contact details, Google map location etc

Digital Business Card

A digital business card with a QR code is an instant way of connecting with potential new customers.  With a simple scan you transfer ALL your business contact details. 

Sharing a digital business card from your phone, a potential buyer will receive your estate agency details direct to their contacts list.

Grow your client network and boost your brand awareness!!

Professional, Engaging & Versatile

Gain the competitive advantage on the competition whilst promoting a clean and professional image of your estate agency!

Link QR codes to Property Video / Virtual Tour

Seamlessly integrate QR codes with your property video/virtual tours.

Market research has shown that property videos are a major selling point for both property buyers and sellers.

Direct potential client to your videos and virtual tours, and vice versa to your website or downloadable PDF brochure.

Send Property Links

to potential buyers

Google Maps QR code

Hassle free property finder

Direct potential buyers to a property viewing, public auction or open house event.

By generating a QR code for a Google maps location you can effortlessly direct buyers to a property viewing or estate agency event.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Creatively incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy can give your estate agency that competitive edge.

Get ahead, stay ahead!

  • Cleverly use QR codes on traditional printed media, newspaper adverts and sales-boards to engage more potential buyers.
  • Our bespoke QR code design service incorporating your logo, colours etc will GUARANTEE your estate agency gains that competitive edge!

Join the Property QR code Digital Marketing Revolution!

Custom Design
Custom Design

We will create a bespoke QR code incorporating your brand colours and logo.

White Label Marketing
White Label Marketing

Your QR codes will contain NO third party adverts. Also, choose between our own custom redirect domain or create your OWN custom redirect.

Custom Login
Custom Login

Manage your own QR code digital marketing and enjoy fully integrated analytics to target your advertising/marketing strategy.

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Our QR codes allow potential property buyers to easily and simply access property details by simply scanning the code with their smartphone.